The PRowl Public Relations 10th Anniversary Celebration was an event that took place on April 20th, 2018 in Mitten Hall to celebrate ten years of public relations service. Current PRowl staff, alumni, Klein College faculty and students joined for dinner and dessert, networking, speeches from Dean David Boardman and current Firm Director Clarissa Ford, and to celebrate the last ten years of student-run public relations work. The PRowl Anniversary Account planned the event, led by Account Executive Jeremy Rives and Junior Account Executive Olivia Rotondo and with the help of their account associates.



As Junior Account Executive of the Anniversary Account, I assisted in the planning and organizing of the PRowl 10th Anniversary Event that took place on April 20th, 2018. Alongside Account Executive Jeremy Rives, I helped lead our account of associates. As a team we made arrangements for the venue, dinner and dessert, the photo booth and props, table decorations and arrangement, memorabilia pins, speakers, and the Treehouse Books book drive at the event. We also promoted the event through social media and personal outreach to alumni, faculty, and students and facilitated ticket sales through EventBrite.

Jeremy Rives and Olivia Rotondo at the photo booth at the PRowl 10th Anniversary Celebration on April 20th, 2018.


One of my main responsibilities for the PRowl 10th Anniversary event was to create a memories video to be played at the dinner. We reached out to alumni to get photos from their time at PRowl. I compiled all of these photos and organized them chronologically, then edited the photos into a video with text and music. It was a great addition to the event and created an emotional response from attendees as they reminisced about the last ten years of PRowl Public Relations. View below or on Youtube.

A memories video that looks back at 10 years of PRowl Public Relations, played at the celebration. Compiled and edited by Olivia Rotondo.


For the PRowl 10th Anniversary Celebration, I created various graphics for social media, email promotions, and digital announcement screens on campus using Canva, Photoshop, and InDesign. The graphic on the left was used to first announce the event and was sent to alumni and faculty so they could save the date. The right graphic was to promote ticket sales the last week leading up to the event. It served as a reminder to students it was the last chance to purchase tickets and also offered an exclusive discount code. Both were posted on PRowl Public Relations' social media platforms.

save the date.png

Save the date graphic designed by Olivia Rotondo for the announcement of the PRowl 10th Anniversary Celebration.


Promotion graphic designed by Olivia Rotondo for last chance ticket sales the PRowl 10th Anniversary Celebration.